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I live in the small, picturesque country town of Kilcoy, Queensland, which is rich in culture and history. A descendant of five pioneering families, I am very involved in our local Historical Society, being the research and publishing officer with 15 major local books successfully published to date, from 1992 to 2013, along with the Kilcoy History Trail establishment. This brings about my aspiration to paint local and historical scenes, combining my interests of history and art. Having painted since 1994 and very busy with work, family and other hobbies, I concentrate on painting in oils, have exhibited with success at district shows and my work can be viewed at local venues.

Art Interests
  • Oil painting on canvas, timber, metal and other surfaces.  
  • Pencil work; Watercolour; Pen & Wash; Pastels; Acrylics; Calligraphy; Floral Art; Photography 
  • Subject areas include: Landscapes, Buildings, Water scenes, Still Life, Portraits, Animals, and Modern.   
  • Inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape. 
  • Kilcoy District History is of particular interest, so there is always a desire to capture the past in historical paintings of street and landscapes scenes, as well as portraits. 
  • Always living in our rural district, there is a special interest in travelling through our range of beautiful Australian landscapes, using varieties of colours and techniques to portray them on canvas. 
  • Involvement in painting of the popular fibreglass cows for the Leukaemia Foundation cause in 2001. Co-ordinator of the Annual Wood, Wine and Art Festival 2000 to 2013. 
  • Painted the Kilcoy Yowie board for Yowie Park, amongst other pieces, in 2003 and 2012. 
  • Mural painting on Kilcoy Show Society Pavilion wall in 2010-11. 
  • Exhibiting with success at local country shows and Community Art Group Exhibitions and Kilcoy Art Group since 1994  
  • Exhibition in Nanango in 2009; Maleny 2017; Rosalie Gallery 2018; Glen Rock Gallery 2019 and more 
  •  Attending professional workshops in various mediums 

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